Client Focus

At Integral Financial Consulting we operate on the principal of “considering others more significant than yourself”. This company was birthed out of years of meeting with clients and reviewing their existing insurance portfolios. During our experience we noticed 2 obvious trends; most Canadians don’t understand the insurance they have, and insurance salespeople don’t always put the client first – selling inappropriate polices to earn more commission.

We made it our passion to be the “anti-salesperson”, removing sneaky sales tactics and fear pedaling and putting ourselves in your shoes. Our goal is to provide each person that uses our services with competitive solutions and strategies and the highest quality of service.

We’re Independent

We represent most insurers in Canada, which gives us the advantage to get multiple competitive quotes and find the best solution to meet your needs. We’re very proud to be independent because it allows us to work for you without any conflicts, giving professional service and unbiased advice.

We’re proud members of Advocis